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sylvie.a.hanes (sylvie.a.hanes@ac.com)
5 Feb 96 1:33:06

Replying to LO5265 --

Note: My point of view is not one shared by all... I'm representing myself
and no one else so here goes...

I think when it comes to commitment and motivation, if one can see
something that in the long run will be good for him/herself, then the
commitment/motivation might be more apparent. Whatever length of time the
current employment will be, if people know it will empower them for the
next one, or the next one after that... I think it can work in a positive

My best example is one of someone interested in having an eventual
specific career, perhaps different than the current one. If this person
knows that the success of THIS particular job will eventually bring this
person's goals closer to completion, wouldn't that help in making the
today important? The old WIIFM works for many people. Perhaps the benefits
of being dedicated or committed to an organization has to also give some
personal benefits to the individual.

Motivation is a difficult thing to instill if it does not exist, and I am
not condoning underhanded techniques, however I think that if we can
address the personal side of it, the benefits for the individuals and not
just the organization, motivation may be seen in a different light.

Comments??? Feedback??

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