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On Sun, 4 Feb 1996, Julie Beedon wrote:

> - on the one hand I recall the Deming points about the chain reaction he
> drew on all the blackboards in Japan ... ie that quality ultimately
> creates more jobs... and I know of people like Rover Cars who struck their
> 'new deal' with the unions which has meant no lay-offs etc... It seems to
> me that the only result of down-sizing is smaller organisations .... the
> opposite of the Deming chain reaction....


I'm looking for a way to predict which methodologies would be valuable in
countries that want to surf emerging trends - especially the trend of baby
boomers going into their peak spending years where they will be consuming
information based products and services.

What would be a key leverage point or methodology for utilizing leverage
points for a country that wants to "leapfrog" by going from an
agricultural based economy straight to an information based economy -
leapfrogging the manufacturing/industrial stage?

My answer to this question?

Any systematic, methodical way to manage complexity would be extremely
valuable system-wide (all NGO's & GO's) to any country wanting to


It seems to me that it is sort of difficult to make money in the
information economy at a large scale - making money by providing a limited
range of products and services to mass markets - microsoft isn't doing so
well in it's forays onto the Internet - so maybe the key would be to
engage in "customization" and make small amounts of money from multiple

The problem is that "dealing piecemeal" with multiple markets causes the
rate of complexity to skyrocket - so any systematic, methodical ways to
manage complexity would be extremely valuable.


I was thinking.... Deming had a very big effect on Japan's "turn around"
right? Deming's primary contribution was towards developing quality in
Japanese manufacturing industry if I'm not mistaken.

This was a key leverage point since Japan's turn-around was geared to
producing goods for baby boomers to consume during the years that they
were of age 20-50.


John Warfield (and anybody that can augment and synthesize his work with
whatever needs to be added) will be the next "Deming" for any country
engaged in leapfrogging efforts (Sri Lanka? Phillippines?).

Is this far-fetched or what? :) Thanks Julie.

Andrew Moreno

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