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Julie Beedon (julie@vistabee.win-uk.net)
Thu, 08 Feb 1996 18:00:06

Replying to LO5354 --

Andrew Moreno wrote about
>What would be a key leverage point or methodology for utilizing leverage
>points for a country that wants to "leapfrog" by going from an
>agricultural based economy straight to an information based economy -
>leapfrogging the manufacturing/industrial stage?

and then I snipped .....

>I was thinking.... Deming had a very big effect on Japan's "turn around"
>right? Deming's primary contribution was towards developing quality in
>Japanese manufacturing industry if I'm not mistaken.

...not sure that this is how I understand Deming's contribution..... the
two key things he seemed to leave them with was the 'chain reaction' which
was a mental model that quality does not cost.... and the 'view of the
organisation as a system' which stopped them from tackling things in

So his big contribution to them (and to the world when we listen was
nothing to do with quality per se - but about systems thinking and 'whole
systems' at that...) IMHO

>This was a key leverage point since Japan's turn-around was geared to
>producing goods for baby boomers to consume during the years that they
>were of age 20-50.
>John Warfield (and anybody that can augment and synthesize his work with
>whatever needs to be added) will be the next "Deming" for any country
>engaged in leapfrogging efforts (Sri Lanka? Phillippines?).

(Sorry John - and I have just asked my colleague to get hold of
interactive management so I am wiser about this) I am not sure I know what
John's primary thrust is ... although my guess is that it is linked to
whole system dialogue ... in which case I believe he and Marvin Weisbord,
Robert Jacobs, Harrison Owen, Donald Klein, the Emerys, Billie Alban,
Barbara Bunker, and the Axelrods in developing ways in which whole systems
can come together and share a common database, develop a common purpose
(preferred future) will be the next 'Demings' for leapfrogging countries

>Is this far-fetched or what?

Not at all - I am staking my whole life on it and working to make it


Julie Beedon
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