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03 Feb 96 17:16:44 EST

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Responding to Sylvie's Gary Scherling wrote (LO5261)

> I'm helping a number of people find the value in learning. It's wonderful
> to see a passive person's lights suddenly turn on when he discovers the
> joy in continuous learning.

It occurs to me that the same is true for this elusive idea of
'motivation'. In my experience you do not have to motivate people, you can
rely on their intrinsic motivation. But you can also smother (or sfather?)
it. Is the same perhaps true of 'leadership'? Has everybody a potential to
lead in some way? And it is sleadered? Perhaps there is a systemic problem
here: maybe we do some symptom fighting in which on the short run
'learning', 'motivation' and 'leadership' must be replaced by some more
efficient solution like 'teaching', ' ?? ' and 'managed'. These are fine
for 'standard' problems in quiet circumstances, but because we do not
retain the ability to learn, motivate and lead we become puzzled with
non-standard problems in dynamic environments which require access to
these inborn talents. Somewhere on the way we also have learned not to
notice the symptom fighting and cover up (still working on Argyris' work,
sorry). Because the results of the efficient, short term solution are/were
very spectacular?

Might be a bit far out but a good basis for a feasibility study (Spike
Milligan's Transports of Delight (1974))

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