Intro -- Brian Cox LO5302
Fri, 02 Feb 1996 10:50:36 EST

Date: 25/01/96
From: Brian Cox, Customer Systems x4748 (GBWBSCSD) COXB - WEBS
To: Learning Organisation List I5233916 - IBMMAIL
Subject: Intro - Brian Cox

My name is Brian Cox and I work in the Internal IS Consultancy Department
of the Woolwich Building Society in Kent, England.

My interest in Learning Organisations stems from my Ph.D research which
aims to establish a link between Scenario Planning and 'organisational
success'; measured in terms of increased shareholder value. I am
currently working on constructing a model which describes how scenario
planning contributes towards organisational learning, which in turn
contributes towards increased shareholder value.

Any comments, especially on how people feel about these relationships, are
most welcome.


29 Church Green Senior Consultant
Broomfield Woolwich Building Society
Chelmsford Corporate Headquarters
Essex Erith Road
CM1 7BD Bexleyheath, Kent DA6 7RR

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