Soul, entropy and learning LO5303
Fri, 2 Feb 1996 10:59:48 -0500

Replying to LO5206 --

Doug Seeley wrote, in part, (copied via Dave Birren's reply in LO5251 with
thanks, original lost due to computer gremlins):

>[snip] if one takes the
>viewpoint that the physical emerges from the unmanifest ground (beyond
>time and space) of our souls relating to each other, then a closed system
>is no longer so tenable. Could it be that increasing the network
>connectivity between our souls by unconditional acceptance would generate
>more order in the physical world then, and explain the contradiction?

Not a very learned or polished response from me, but a poetic one on the
subject of network connectivity between our souls (poem due to the lasting
influence of Barry Mallis's having introduced me to Rumi, which reawakened
an amateur's desire to try to write poetry):

What a quantum thing
distance truly is.
Across a room or
across an ocean,
distance is real
only if communication
has fled.
How may we always be
close and not distant?
We must stay in the
dance of communication
until we draw near --
until we dance
soul to soul.

With due apologies to the real poets on this list,
Best regards,

Byrd M. Ball
Atlanta, GA