Perf Appraisal LO5289

Bob Williams (
Fri, 2 Feb 1996 12:23:21 +1300

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Now I have come rather late to the pay and play string. Thanks to all
those who must feel exhausted by it now.

Trouble is that I have a question.

I have been asked by a government department here in NZ to evaluate a
pilot performance appraisal scheme. In NZ, rightly or wrongly, all
government departments are required by law to develop a PA scheme. At the
moment, as the result of Union concerns I understand, it is "individually"
based (ie not team based), and not linked into pay (except for
"exceptional" performance).

The pilot has been developed by a working group of staff, including Trade
Union representation.

What I would like to do is to use an Action Research approach to the
pilot. In other words assist those involved in the pilot to learn about
the pilot, reflect on it, and make informed judgements and changes as the
pilot proceeds. The alternative is for me to set up a process of personal
inquiry and dump my view on them at the end of the "evaluation".

Do people know of any similar approaches, and what joys and pitfalls might
be in store ?



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