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Hank -
I have recently come to consulting from the line executive ranks.
The scarcest resource I had was "calories." Any training program
that generated a quick return on calories invested had high value,
almost independent of "cost." For example, training in interpersonal
skills as part of a two day offsite often sent the team back to the
ranch with some problems solved, a sense of excitement, as well as
some "new skills" was viewed as a great investment, and a free one
day class at the local university on "academic issues" as a total waste
(of calories).

Sooo the quote from GH made a lot of sense to me!

>GH> ... I had the opportunity to ask the two most senior individuals [of
>an automotive OEM] responsible for the career development of the firm's
>executive ranks that if they "could wave a magic wand, what would they ask
>for to revolutionize their educational needs?" The answer took me aback
>for what I felt was a lack of vision, but their reply was immediate:
>"Make it take less time (with the presumption of less cost), make it more
>immediate, and make it so that we don't have to bring them together so
>Why is this so shocking? Do they benefit directly from education/training
>taking a long time? Is the training allocated as an asset or an expense?
>When I had no gray hairs, I was taught that what is measured is what is
>controlled. We measure the costs of education, but not its benefits.
># Hank Heath

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