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Mon, 27 Nov 1995 12:38:04 -0600

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Nowhere that I can find does Senge suggest that the term "learning
organization" refers to an organization that learns in the same sense in
which people learn. Indeed, my reading of Senge suggests that he is
saying the exact opposite, that learning organizations are organizations
in which people are learning.

Comments? we kind of go again. The organization has no life of
its own other than the representation of those of us that comprise
(compose) it. There is a very interesting thing that happens to us, I
think. This consistent intrusion of anthropomorphic and anthropocentric
phenomena. Learning takes place all the time as does change. It is
trying on something new in our learning that helps facilitate and enhance
an environment in which all of is in the organization can benefit from our
collective intelligence. It is kind of like the difference between group
think and collective intelligence. Learning always takes place..just as
my friend Dick Althouse says that the system always works. It is the
outcome of that learning or system when characterized as an organizational
culture that we seem to focus on.

The kind of organizational learning we want, I think, comes from study of
how we get to where we want to be........and how we figure out where we
want to what do you think? Myrna