Re: Intro -- Rol Fessenden LO3878

Rol Fessenden (
27 Nov 95 00:38:09 EST

Replying to LO3847 --

>Do you, or anyone else out there, agree, or have I missed some really
important empirical work?, or is there some PHD thesis in the making to
rectify this apparent gap?

Sorry, I know of no work that provides a theoretical underpinning to team
learning. My own experience is that in a reasonably complex environment
with decisions to be made with insufficient time and insufficient
information, creating an environment for reflection is difficult.

To your point, the problem becomes doubly difficult if there is not a well
understood framework within which team learning tends to occur.

Perhaps others can speak up. Many here seem to be well in touch with
theory as well as practice.

 Rol Fessenden