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Dave Schoof wrote:
>I am assisting a colleague develop a program on ethics for a course on
>leadership and ethics in our organization.

Well, while the author of the following comments died some years ago, and
he probably did not have the federal government specifically in mind, I
think his ideas form a tremendous succinct basis for ethical leadership.

The Seven Great Sins
-Wealth without Work
-Pleasure without Conscience
-Knowledge without Character
-Commerce without Morality
-Science without Humanity
-Worship without Sacrifice
-Politices without Principles

These were ascribed to Mohandas Gandhi by some one of his relatives (his
grandson?) in a speech on National Public Radio a year or so ago. I think
that I transcribed them correctly. (And if some erudite scholar on this
list can point me to a more concrete reference, I will certainly thank
that individual!)

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