Intro -- George Clark LO2919

Clark, George (CLARK.G@AppleLink.Apple.COM)
21 Sep 95 22:21 GMT

I have been familiar with learning organization concepts since early 1990
when Peter Senge and John Sterman came to Apple and facilitated several
rounds of "The Beer Game". At the time, I was quite intrigued by the
concepts, and completely unable to reproduce a causal map to save my life.

Since 1990, my focus and interest have been in the area of mental models.
Specifically, I've been working on using the concepts introduced by
Argyris & Schon to enhance my consulting practice. And, on "the side", to
improve my marriage and parenting.

I had a conversation with my 15 year old son last night who is taking
Living Skills as a junior in high school. They teach basic communication
skills like reflective listening. I tried to explain and demonstrate
bringing your left-hand column into the conversation, advocacy and
inquiry, and sharing your reasoning and data. He assured me that no sane
kid today would have a conversation like I was suggesting. I obviously
have a lot to learn.

In practice settings and with clients, I have been trying to use my skills
in uncovering individuals and organizations beliefs and rules. I find it
very powerful, very frustrating, and hard work.

So my questions (besides how to take a "pill" to make this all easier...):

o Mapping back from consequences to beliefs: how do others do it in a
coaching setting?

o Organizational Mapping of Beliefs/Rules: what questions/methodologies do
people ask to get at the rules and beliefs?

o Individual practice: I've been raised in the case approach; recreate a
conversation with 2 columns, one with the words, one with the thoughts /
feelings. What do other people use?

o who in the San Francisco Bay area is doing interesting work in org

o how to talk to a 15 year old boy.....

I look forward to being a part of this group. Any tips on protocol would
be appreciated.

George Clark