Re: Leadership and Personality LO2731

Bernard Girard (
Mon, 11 Sep 1995 08:41:48 +0000

Replying to LO2717 --

Michael Mcmaster wrote :

>I am reading a fascinating book by the founder and current chairman
>of what I'm told is South America's leading construction company
>which has bought companies around the world.

>The title of the book is "Survival, Growth and Perpetuity".
> The message is that to exist
>in perpetuity, which is the ideal proposed, the company must provide
>value to customers, shareholders and community.

>The book details of the source of the above success - and its
>philosophy of enterprise - as the development of people into those
>who can also be responsible, be entrepreneurs, be leaders.

Fine, but how many books on our shelves send the same message? Hundreds?

Bernard Girard