Re: Leadership and Personality LO2847

Michael McMaster (
Sat, 16 Sep 1995 03:58:55 +0000

Replying to LO2731 --

I failed in my communication about the book "Survival, Growth and
Perpetuity". Bernard says there are hundreds of such books. I read
a fair amount and have not found one that was close. I find many
descriptions of success stories, many reports on what was done, many
platitudes and representations - but none which presence the thinking
in ways that allow for engagement with the source of the ideas and
the rigour of the development of their application.

This book does not offer a description. It offers a value set, a
theoretical base and a full application of that base. You can try it
out, you can do thought experiments with it or you can be sent to a
very deep inquiry into your own approaches. The book is not written
for the public. It's written as a tool for development of a business
- and it is producing remarkable results.

I think the important distinction here is between language (books,
text) which is *talking about* and language which is generative.

Or send me the titles of some of the hundred - I have never been so
instructed by a single such book and hunger for more.

Michael McMaster