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Mariann Jelinek (
Tue, 5 Sep 1995 11:13:22 -0500

Replying to LO2655 --

Jack's response to Diane reminded me of a phrase I cannot quite
reconstruct; something about strangers being friends you haven't met yet.
I wonder if the most erie thing is how such small things as distance
create artificiial appearances of "difference" in place of our underlyiing
similariity, as co-creators of our shared consciousness. Yes, we are
"faceless," yet the conscious connections (connections of shared
understanding and meaning) seem most vivid, perhaps because they are more


>In this long and fascinating thread on anaonymity, I see anonymity used to
>mean two different things. In some instances, it is "namelessness" which
>is the literal meaning of the word; but in others, I think, it is used to
>mean "facelessness", which I take to be a different stance with different
[... quote of Jack's msg shortened by your host...]

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