Conf Eilat, Israel 10/95 LO2670 (ROBIN@AGRI.HUJI.AC.IL)
Tue, 5 Sep 95 16:31 +0200

Hello from Israel to all subscribers!

I am posting the following on behalf of the IODA's 10th Anniversary
International Conference Organizing Committee:

A very exciting conference will be held on Oct. 17-20 in Eilat, Israel,
near the borders of Egypt and Jordan under the heading "DISCOURSE ACROSS
BOUNDARIES: DO GREAT MINDS THINK ALIKE?" and focusing on four main tracks:
Creating bridges (theories and techniques of dialogue and conflict
resolution, Conflicting paradigms (innovative Vs. traditional paradigms in
organizations and consultation practice), Organizations and learning (the
ability or disability to learn. What is a learning organization? Learning
from conscious and unconscious data), Universalism Vs. Uniqueness
(maintaining individual/group/company/national identity Vs merging or
cooperation). Each track will include three parts: presentations and
panels, experiential workshops (indoors and outdoors) and simulations,
cultural and social events.

The conference will be conducted in the spirit of a learning organization
and will offer the following opportunities: computerized on-site surveys,
feedback teams (discussing themes such as: the conference as a system,
one's ability to implement learning from the conference, what is missing
from the conference...), learning plenary, artists' rehearsal as a
learning experience, and the publication of a daily conference leaflet.

The conference venue, Eilat, offers a creative environment for both
learning and recreation; its wild landscape combines a magnificent desert
and underwater scenery (bring along diving and snorkling equipment!). In
addition, tours to Jerusalem, Massada, The dead sea, the Galilee, and
Jordan can be organized before and after the conference.

For more information fax:
Toby, Conference secretariat, MIRAFIN LTD. 972-3 573 1110
or E-mail back to me: (Annick Itzigsohn)

Don't miss it!!

N.B. I have volunteered to edit the daily conference leaflet and I'd
welcome any thoughts on the matter. More generally, does anyone have any
experience with "learning conferences" that we can use? Thanks in advance.

Annick Itzigsohn