Re: Training Execs for Int'l LO2287

Beth Clark (
31 Jul 1995 15:55:04 U

Reply to: RE>Training Execs for Int'l LO2264

John wrote -

But there's a serious opportunity here that I discussed with some people
last year. With the spate of 'downsizing' there are many executives in
U.K. currently 'redundant' or 'early retired' who would make excellent
mentors for international executives who may benefit from and
English-speaking, English culture mentor. We thought of creating an
exchange system whereby people from other countries could stay in our
homes and be exposed to the local 'culture' and some background business
experience. Like many ither 'good ideas', it was never pursued. Any

My father is an early retired Silicon Valley executive now owning and
operating a bed and breakfast at Lake Tahoe. His favorite guests are
other executives. They keep him up to date with the business world. In
turn, my father serves as an ambassador, of sorts, to the mountain
lifestyle. Interestingly enough, these are the guests that return year
after year.

Beth Clark