Dialogue Conf 11/95 Calif. LO2286

Mon, 31 Jul 1995 16:44:39 -0400

I thought that a number of the people who I had met at Brenton Woods would
be interested in a conference that my partner and I in The Dialogue Group
are helping organize in November of this year. There is very brief
description below.

If you agree that it would be of interest, would you pass this along to
the group?.


Dialogue Conference, November 3-6, 1995, Palm Springs, CA

This gathering is being organizzed by a small group of dialogue
practioners. The vision is to create an opportunity for persons
interested in and practicing dialogue in various contexts (organizations,
community groups, consultants working with clients in organizations, etc.)
to gather and inquire together, sharing learnings, and dialoguing around
areas of particular interest to us.

The conference will be organized using Harrison Owen's open space
technology, which we feel is consistent with creating a space that
supports the fluidity and openendedness that support dialogue.

The cost is $30 administrative fee. A block of rooms has been set aside at
The Riviera hotel where the sessions will be held. Participants are
responsible for making their own reservations. There will also be a daily
charge of approximately $30 to cover lunch, breaks and meeting room costs.

If you are interested in more information please call or e-mail either Glenna
Gerard 714-497-9757, Glenna49@aol.com or Linda Teurfs 909-244-6626,

Glenna Gerard