Training Execs for Int'l LO2264

John Farago (
Fri, 28 Jul 95 21:52 BST-1

On 23 July Carol Anne "famished" Ogdin wrote

Re: Training Execs for Int'l LO2201
>For all the times I've been in London, sometimes for several weeks
>at a time, I've never seen the inside of a residence. People may
>ask what I'm going to be doing ("Oh, just staring at the hotel
>walls," ( delivered wistfully.), and may invite me to a
> but never at home. Hard to make more than business
>acquaintanceships that way. (And, no, I don't wear muddy boots,
>spit on the floor, or appear to be *too* unkempt in my personal
>habits! %^) )

> Maybe those in the "herds" need to be invited. How 'bout an
> "Invite a Colonial to Dinner" week?

Although my wife, Joanna (who is 'really' English) and I have had many
'colonial' and ex-colonial - even American - visitors in our house in
England, I feel guilty that CaroL Anne has never been here. England.
She, or any of the other 1200? people reading this are very welcome to
break bread with us in our home. The cooking may not be as good as it is
in the restaurants people have taken her to; perhaps that's why they
thought it more courteous to take her out. May be we are not sufficiently
proud of our homes to be sure that you would enjoy the experience. Our
home is drowning in boxes of my papers (that I might need one day :-)),
but there's a welcome mat here for you.

But when you come, Carol Anne, please leave Adm. Hyman Rickover behind. I
wince every time I read his words after your sig.

"Great minds discuss ideas,
average minds discuss events,
small minds discuss people."
--Adm. Hyman G. Rickover

You see, I like ideas, I love stories of events, but, small mind or not,
more than anything I like people and I love talking about people. In fact,
as they say, some of my best friends are people.

Am I straying from 'learning'? I hope, not too far.

But there's a serious opportunity here that I discussed with some people
last year. With the spate of 'downsizing' there are many executives in
U.K. currently 'redundant' or 'early retired' who would make excellent
mentors for international executives who may benefit from and
English-speaking, English culture mentor. We thought of creating an
exchange system whereby people from other countries could stay in our
homes and be exposed to the local 'culture' and some background business
experience. Like many ither 'good ideas', it was never pursued. Any

Greetings from Wimbledon   John