Re: Dialogue Processes LO2263

Mulligan, Margie (MMulligan@OS.Varian.COM)
Fri, 28 Jul 95 11:21:00 PDT

Responding to Don Christensen's question on Dialogue processes LO1776:

Don: You might start by getting together a small group of people who have
some receptivity to the idea of something new because they see a need to
move "beyond vocal combat". I'll bet you could name a few (6-10) people
in your organization. If you convened that group and had them read some
article on dialog, or the distinction between dialogue and skillful
discussion in _Learning Organization: Fieldbook_, the "purpose" of the
session could be to consider whether there is any perceived value in

By doing so, you are creating a "playing field" where you and your kindrid
spirits can practice and gain some confort with the new
capabilities/skills before trying it our with others who might be more
suspicious or threatened.

I've noticed that when I am genuinely comfortable with something, that I
have an easier time proposing it, and trying it out, with someone

If I am hesitant or insecure, I will bring out that response in the other

Good luck. If you try anything of this sort...let me know how it goes.

Margie Mulligan
Manager, Continuous Improvement
Responding to Don Christensen's question
Subject: Re: Dialogue processes LO1776


I live in an organization which has yet to accept -- much less understand
-- dialogue as distinct from discussin or any form of collective vocal
combat. Any suggestions beyond Senge's material and the materials from
IA? "