Charrette Process LO2185

Dessa Brashear (
Sat, 22 Jul 1995 08:22:37 -0700

Replying to LO2151 --

Bernard Girard said regarding a Charrette Process (LO2151):

>We use the word "charrette" (which is a cart)in French in two occurences :
>- -
>when we have very quicly against a deadline. It's a word architects use
>everytime they have a job. They say : "Je suis charrette", "nous sommes en
>- - when we fire several people : we say "c'est la derniere charrette" or
>n'est que la premiere charrette" (it's the last group to be fired, or it's
>the first group).

Wasn't it a charrette that carried "aristos" to the guillotine in 1790? Apt
in the second meaning at least!

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