Re: Charrette Process LO2152

denis cowan (
Wed, 19 Jul 1995 21:30:39 +1000

Replying to LO2146 --

G'day from Denis

I have heard about the process. I understood that it originated in France
and related to the carriage that collected students exams. etc. the
students would sit on the carriage as it finished its rounds and continue
to work on their exams/assignments until the last moment.

I am aware that it is used in town planning processes. They tend to bring
all of the key people together for a period of time whilst they work out
the plan.

The quality of output ??

as a group facilitator by trade - I would say that it depends on the
quality of the facilitator. - definitely no bias here.

Actually, I do not know enough to comment on the process. However I agree
in principal with the idea.


>Today, I received an inquiry about something called a "charrette" process
>for determining something about mission statements. I responded with
>ignorance about this "thing" after a cursory glance through my book

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