Charrette Process LO2146

Tue, 18 Jul 1995 07:50:23 -0500

Hello again. I just re-subscribed after a brief absense and see that I
missed a lot. I wish I did nothing but read your wonderful posts and
frame responses for dialogue. Anyone else have that notion or feeling?

Today, I received an inquiry about something called a "charrette" process
for determining something about mission statements. I responded with
ignorance about this "thing" after a cursory glance through my book
shelves. I have some serious concerns about a process to determine
indicators for the efficacy of a "statement" and what that in and of
itself indicates. The tool and trap of articulation is a fitting archetype
with supporting and balancing loops built in - irrespective of issue;
MBTI, projective tests, diagnostic tools, etc. It's all about the
allusion, illusion or perception of control......(sound familiar)....what
do you think?

Anyway....does someone know about a "charrette" process? I appreciate
your response.....thanks....Myrna

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