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Andrew Moreno (
Wed, 19 Jul 1995 08:10:04 -0400

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Jack Hirschfeld wrote:

>he draws a plot showing where the camera should be placed, where the
>baby should be placed, what lights to use and where they should be placed.
>Then he specifies the lens - both size and manufacture - and the f stop
>and he leaves. No more than 5 minutes.


These are interesting stories. It's funny you mentioned this because I
think another one of the tools to enable a person to function on learning
4, aside from humor, is spatial organization. If I remember correctly,
Einstein thought in a sort of "hazy imagery."

There's a new type of memory that isn't surface based. It was developed at
Bell Communications Research, BellCORE, and it's a small cube the size of
a sugar cube. Lasers shine through it and supposedly it can encode 16
terabytes or something. Maybe the storage of information in 3 dimensions
has something to do with storage density.

People who sell Virtual Reality systems would say, buy our latest X
reality engine, complete with 3-d display headsets. However, they decline
to say that we already have 3 pounds of grey matter at the top of our
spine that functions as a faster reality engine than they will ever build.

Andrew Moreno