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Andrew Moreno (
Wed, 19 Jul 1995 08:41:35 -0400

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Dave Buffenbarger wrote:

>REPEAT this exercise from multiple scenarios of sales calls.

It would be possible to build a simulation inside a person's head, then
get them to run it in the background of their mind, before then actually
went to do what it is they wanted to do.

Nikola Tesla, the person responsible for AC current, could build, with
absolute precision, a simulation of a motor he wanted to build. He would
build it to precise measurements and he'd actually let it run in the
background of his mind. 6 months later, he would bring it back up, take
the machine apart in his mind, and find out which parts had worn down.

Then he'd redesign the motor and set it running again. When he had the
design perfect, he'd build the motor to spec, with no blueprints! He
had multiple designs running at anyone time and he was a very prolific
inventor, responsible for the patents that broke General Electric's

Tesla lived about 100 years ago. Surely his thinking style could be
adapted to contexts other than invention design.

Andrew Moreno