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Gary and Lilly Evans (
22 Jul 95 09:56:01 EDT

Replying to LO2080 --

On 13th July Carol Anne Ogdin wrote

> Here's the approach that I think is simpler: Teach the team to
participate with the clear and present shared presupposition:

Every behavior has a positive intention
<end quote>

This is just the sort of different angle I was looking for in trying to
work with one of my clients. Carol Anne, thanks for bringing this
possibility up. The suggestion of how to pursue the new way of thinking is
really good:

> Now, each party has the obligation to ask, "Since that person does it
differently from me, what's their positive intention, and how can I
leverage that intention toward the goals of the team?" <end quote>

I will let you know the outcome of making the suggestion and trying this
new way of looking at people's actions in my client's environment.


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