Re: The Dharma & Business LO2182

Gary and Lilly Evans (
22 Jul 95 09:55:48 EDT

Replying to LO2123 --

On 16th July, Michael McMaster asked:

> Is it possible that the job we have to do is to capture what is already
in our experience and encourage and nurture it than to create something
new or attact something old? <end quote>

This is one of the questions that I struggle with constantly. Yet, the
only way to capture it in any instance within a corporation (in Mike's
sense of the word) has been to look for patterns. These in turn stay with
me subsequently as stories.

Now, is there here some link with the Learning from History thread? Or am
I just trying to look for ways to make it alive, because of my personal
commitment. Don't know!

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"People who try to think for themselves know that the cobwebs they spin are fragile and incomplete; but those who are content to be disciples, and become entangled in the cobwebs of others, forget that fragility and imagine they have landed on firm, stable ground." THEODORE ZELDIN "An Intimate History of Humanity"