Re: Dharma & Business LO2133

Bill Weber (
Mon, 17 Jul 95 9:20:22 EDT

Replying to LO2115 --

Tim's comments re Dharma and business triggered(emaho!?) and finding
a middle way, remind me of the harmony that many native peoples speak
of when describing their way. As I perceive this, this is a harmony
within and without, a balance, shifting constantly no doubt, that
takes into account influences in the entire presence, internal and
external. Ambiguity is a crucial aspect of this harmonic way, since
I can sense this as a moving pivot point, something like moving the
point on a teeter-totter, or moving the weight on either end. Thus
a community or any organization shifts its relative harmony at least
partly in response to the ambiguities, and the responses to those
ambuguities, and strikes a new, temporary balance. I imagine that the
city of Chicago will find a new balance in its efforts to care for
its elderly, now that the heat has upset the ambiguity of that
communities' tending to vulnerable members. So, I think that we need
to dig deep into the ambiguities to see what they have to tell us.

Bill Weber