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Watson, Martha (
17 Jul 95 06:55:35 -0500

Hi! I'm Martha Watson, HR Director for the Minnesota Dept. of Human
Services, an organization of 7,000 employees throughout MN. I have about
18 years of HR experience in specialist (staffing), generalist and
management capacities. My learning org exposure came in my last job where
I had 5 days of training in systems thinking.

I don't think I have fully understood the learning org "stuff" -- except
intuitively. And maybe that's the most important thing. But it makes it
hard to communicate the "stuff" in a meaningful way to others. I don't
like tradtional sorts of explanations/training sessions because they
always seem to miss the mark. I don't like *most* descriptions of others'
experiences for the same reason. The heart of learning org stuff is the
heart/soul/mind, the meaning of the experience, the achievement of
understanding. We need to put heart (back) into our organizations, but
I'm not sure how to talk about this without sounding like an evangelist
or, as they say around here, a social worker. (No offense intended to the
evangelists and social workers out there!) Most folks are so caught up in
the bottom line or the practicalities of day-to-day business that they
have no patience with anything else. It seems like we check our humanity
at the office door. And yet, it's our humanity that we need right now to
cope with the ambiguity of an ever more rapidly changing world.

It's late. Time to go home. Look forward to sharing ideas with you.

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