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Thu, 13 Jul 1995 00:41:14 -0600 (MDT)

Replying to LO2055 --

> I read with great interest what you described as your "Reader's Digest
> Version" of the origin and development of the MBTI. Contrary, I would
> call it an erudite, concise, intelligible summary of the MBTI. I liked
> it!!! I work in an organization which has been seduced by the MBTI and the
> alphabet soup by which people identify themselves has become the jargon of
> the politically in crowd among the HR training folks. I can't even, as I
> pen this electonic missive, rememby what my MBTI alphabet name is. I know
> I generally like people and I like to be organized...In any case, your
> summary is great and I'll use it--acknowledging the source--to impress the
> in crowd at the next opportunity. One question, however: Are you aware
> of any substantive research, even solid personal experience, which in any
> way connects MBTI types or application with effective work team
> development and performance. Again, Thanks for sending out your toughts.


Magerison and McCann have done extensive work relating the Jungian
archetypes to work prefernces and successful team management. It is a
direct corrolation with the MBTI. I have used their work and instruments
extensively in my OD practice. Their book on "Team Management Systems"
is available for about $25. The cost of their "profiles" are
approximately $125 - $250 per person depending on quantities.

If you'd like some further info, let me know ...

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