Re: Myers-Briggs LO2055 ("")
Wed, 12 Jul 95 08:24:13 CST

Replying to LO1985 --

Mr. Heineman:

I read with great interest what you described as your "Reader's Digest
Version" of the origin and development of the MBTI. Contrary, I would
call it an erudite, concise, intelligible summary of the MBTI. I liked
it!!! I work in an organization which has been seduced by the MBTI and the
alphabet soup by which people identify themselves has become the jargon of
the politically in crowd among the HR training folks. I can't even, as I
pen this electonic missive, rememby what my MBTI alphabet name is. I know
I generally like people and I like to be organized...In any case, your
summary is great and I'll use it--acknowledging the source--to impress the
in crowd at the next opportunity. One question, however: Are you aware
of any substantive research, even solid personal experience, which in any
way connects MBTI types or application with effective work team
development and performance. Again, Thanks for sending out your toughts.

Sincerely, Don Christensen in Minneapolis; 612-330-7799;