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Wed, 12 Jul 95 23:22 EET

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>I have been searching for some time this morning for a quote that I read
>re: leadership that implicitly (just wanted to insert a synonymous term
>here for tacit!) gets at how much talent and work is involved in
>leadership. The gist is something like this:
> If your followers think you are the one that
> outwardly helped them, you will be publicly
> thanked. But, if through your consistent
> loyalty, support, and guidance (as the
> leader) they are starting to make changes on
> their own, they will think they did it
> themselves. This is the mark of a true
> leader.
>I would love to have the exact quote....does this sound familiar to

Its from the Chinese writings of Lao Tsu - often translated as writings on
strategy or war - one translation goes:
"when a great leader's work is done, the people say We did it ourselves!"

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