Re: Dog Eat Dog LO2064
Wed, 12 Jul 1995 16:36:55 -0400

Replying to LO1830 --


You wrote in part:

>>>>The life expectancy of sharks, big dogs, whatever you choose to call
them, is short--a factor overlooked by many businesses. Eventually
the supply of victims begins to diminish and, because one's list of
enemies continues to grow, one's opponents grow wise and more wiley,
the supply of ready victims wanes, the strategy eventually collapses
on itself leaving in its wake a devasted workforce and sacrificing
a more profitable market position. <<<<

I really appreciated your comments that sharks have a limited life
expectancy because their dog eat dog strategy to besting the competition
is only successful in the short run and for various reasons cannot sustain
itself for the long haul.

I suppose we could look at it from a system's perspective and observe that
systems either dissipate or evolve or sometimes for awhile maintain a
dysfunctional homeostasis as long as things don't get too bad, or no
better competition comes along, or it is not a monopoly or some artificial
means support the dysfunction as in a civil service system.

Is your view that only healthy systems then will survive and evolve?

David Markham