Re: Myers-Briggs LO2066

Wed, 12 Jul 1995 14:51:07 -0700

Replying to LO2043 --

I'd like to provide a "real-life" experience with MBTI which provided me
an eye-opener.

A person on my team consistently bothered my by his inability to make a
decision. He seemed to have a terrific need to keep asking questions,
and looking for more information. I thought he was "in-decisive",
"afraid of making decisions", and a "procrastinator".

During a team building session which used the MBTI, I discovered that
his orientation to his external world was one that is open to change
and flexible (Perceiving), while mine is one of systematic goal
setting and organization (Judging). Neither of these orientations
are more important than the other.

What I found out was that he considered me someone who "jumped to
conclusions-without all the facts." We both began to see how we could
benefit from the other persons orientation and how we could learn
from each other and depend on each other for balance.

This is just one example using one dimension. I have many. I agree
that ANY tool can be misused. That is why the implementation MUST
be done with careful consideration of the effects on the team and the
individuals involved.

Kate Andrews, Ph.D.