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Replying to LO1931 --

> I am looking for examples of truly visual, future-oriented visions, and it
> would be a pleasure to see some non-profit or non-private or non-US/UK
> examples (or more than one non-... at the same time).
> Will anybody go outside the main-stream of examples and share some good
> vision statements with us ?

Just as I opened Steen's meassage I happened to be reading the
article _Blake's odyssey : poetry in management_ in: Management (the
official magazine of the New Zealand Institute of Management), July
1995, pp 32-41 - I hope this is an example of a non-main-stream
vision statement.

Explaining the background to the successful America's Cup challenge (yacht
match-racing with a venerable history for those not in the know. "It is
also a a race on two levels - technology and sailing.To clinch the trophy
you have to win on both levels and not make a single mistake along the
way." p.33) - the article says: "Blake's wasn't a win-at-all-costs vision.
In fact, winning the America's Cup was not even written into the
statement. Rather it specified

* meaningful communication
* integrity
* to succeed and make the public proud of the team
* to play nicely together and share your toys
* no hidden agendas
* have fun
* be squeaky clean and play by the rules
* everybody has the right to express an opinion"

In more formal language the statement reads:

Team New Zealand's Vision Statement
Our aim to to build a challeng that can win for New Zealand and that
we can be proud of - to succeed in all aspects.

We want a small, informed and fully motivated team that:
* works in an environment which encourages every member to
make a meaningful contribution;
* has a high degree of personal integrity and group honesty;
* recognises personal goals but not hidden agendas;
* continuously monitors and improves its performance;
* is fun to be in.

Finally, although this is not a vision statement, it sums up what
made the campaign a success:

The key elements of [Sir Peter] Blake's campaign -
* Pick the right people and let them get on with the job.
* Get the people right and the philosophy right and the rest
will falll into place.
* Keep a close eye on expenditure and make sure the sponsors
are happy.
* Set achievable goals and don't focus too far out. (One race
at a time)
* Keep the design programme going.
* Have fun.
* Get the basics right.

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