Re: Knowledge Databases LO2007

Carol Anne Ogdin (
9 Jul 95 11:04:49 EDT

Replying to LO1970 --

Jeff Kenyon wrote, in LO1970...

> Just jumping into this thread and delighted to discover it. Carole, your
> types of effective databases are intriguing. How is information archived
> and accessed?

I'm not sure what your question relates to. We've used various kinds of
messaging and e-mail systems. The highest-level of integration we've used
is Lotus Notes; we tend to find that the general database systems too
"stiff" for our needs.

> Also, Re: the above, I immediately thought of Russ Ackoff. Is that where
> you got your four-level scale, and if so, are you using his approach to
> systems thinking?

I may've read Ackoff...I go through 1-2 books a week on average. I don't
know that I use any one particular "approach" to systems thinking, 'tho I
tend to favor the very fundamentals...things like cybernetics, chaos &
complexity, elementary computer science, etc.

Carol Anne