Re: Question on Enneagram LO1998
Sat, 8 Jul 1995 00:38:30 -0400

Replying to LO1918 --

I did not think I had any references to offer, but the next day, I spotted
an article on "The Enneagram as a Transformative Tool for Leadership" in
the Spring 1995 issue of "Vision/Action: The Journal of the Bay Area OD
Network." The journal may not be too widely accessible, but the author
has also co-authored a book that may be of interest:

Susan Forster, Susan Forster & Assocs, Oakland, CA,
"Transformational Leadership: A Guide to Developing Your Leadership Skills
Using the Enneagram System of Personality"

FYI: Like the Myers-Briggs instrument, the Enneagram is a personality
type indicator. Forster distinguishes it from the MBTI by saying the
Enneagram addresses "universal truths about psychological and spiritual
growth... and offers ways to alleviate some of the painful consequences"
of personality patterns.

The Enneagram has been around a very long time, but may be catching more
attention. There's a Center for Enneagram Studies (at Stanford???), which,
along with Michael Ray of Stanford's Business School, sponsored an
International Enneagram Conference in August 1994.

Hope this info helps,
Diane Weston