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Replying to LO1887 --

>Has anybody heard about, or done anything with, Enneagram ideas?

At the OT12 conference (held last summer in Devon, UK) I attended a
session lead by Oscar David, a young Dutch consultant who has introduced
us to the idea of Enneagrams. He apparently uses them in the group work
with companies like Shell at one end to voluntary groups and individuals
at the others. While I was really impressed at the time, having not
followed up on it, I am not sure how fundamentally different they are from
other personality diagnostic tools.

I am more familiar with the Team Management Index, as it is much more
specific to the roles people take in an organisational setting. Thus, it
takes into account the fact that we all adjust our behaviour to the
context we operate in. Similar to Enneagrams and Belbin team roles (an
earlier UK team profiling tool) it places people's preferences around a
wheel. In addition, it introduces the role of linker in the middle.

At the danger of confusing the thread system here, as this also connects
with LO1903 (Subject: Knowledge Bases), I will continue. In any case,
both messages are from Jim M. (or jamzen in cyberspace), so it is one
thread after all!

The linker is thus not seen as a role preference but as a set of skills in
building relationships and learning to listen to people on all sensory
channels. What is more, as this listening is developed through application
of some neurolinguistic programming (NLP) knowledge, here we can start a
new thread by looking at what NLP brings to the implementation of learning

I have been lurking in this forum for the last 3 months off-line via
discs. My direct connection dates from the last week, so please give me a
few more days to compose a simple and yet representative introduction of
both who I am and what I do. This is such a great group, and I have
already learnt a lot, that I feel oblidged to be serious about this.

In the meantime, best regards to all, especially those of you who I have
met in the past (at Bretton Woods or STiA conferences). Great to bump
into you like this in cyberspace! Keep it up.


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