Re: Emergent Learning LO1999
Sat, 08 Jul 95 13:26:58

Replying to LO1967 --

Jackie Mullen's analogy comparing learning with healing and John Wilson's
comment that learning is *always* emergent fit well with my own mental
model (or neural pathway _ OK? Michael?), in which learning is always
associated with UN-learning. In my construct, when learning takes place,
either something has been discarded (erasing a neural pathway?) or a new
fork has been created for the new case. Either way, prior certainties
give way to new certainties. For the truly adept, all certainties are
always only hypotheses, but it's hard to hold in my mind that I don't
really *know* that each time my finger presses one of these keys I will
see something change on the screen.

Meanwhile, I want to thank Jackie Mullen for providing a different way of
looking at bodily illness, recovery, and health. The notion that each
time my body heals it has learned something - that is, that I am not
recovered but renewed - is very exciting.

Jack Hirschfeld                   Don't you know, you fool, you never can win?