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Wilson writes:

> First off, learning can only be seen
>as emergent. It is not an add on, piling up of information - knowledge.
>As we learn stuff, we are in a process of constructing meaning, or
>reconstructing meanings previously constructed by us. This results in our
>abilities to continue constructing and reconstructing meanings, similar to
>Dewey's concept of ends becoming means to ends ad in finitum. Tacit
>knowledge is the result of learning. It is meaning constructed from
>experiencing- that is feeling it. But, the result required some
>processing, some reflection over the experience and what happened related
>to the experience. This process of reflection is quite often enhanced
>through conversations among people.

Absolutely!!! This is why 'communities of practice' and 'learning as a
SOCIAL activity' are such important and useful concepts in today's new
economy. Karl Weick has a new book in this area about 'sensemaking' in
organizations -- I have not read it yet, but I hear it is great.

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