Re: Emergent Learning LO1992
Fri, 07 Jul 95 13:51:17 PDT

Replying to LO1966 --

FROM: Bob Scribner - OBM Business Analyst
Data Management Div.


I've been lurking in the shadows of this masterpiece of learning for
two months and have finally been pushed to take my turn at holding the
talking stick ...

I was particularly struck by Jackie Mullen's articulation on how the
art of learning emerged from within. In fact, I read with fascination my
own story as I read LO1966. This sense of deja vu caused me to sit back
and think how that relates to organizations (or bodies of people) versus
an individual. How or what awakens an org to not only the concept of
learning but to the practice of ongoing learning? Does an organization
need to have some type of crisis in order to awaken this attribute? I
believe this to be merely sleeping within all of us and is just lacking the
trigger. How have others begun the art of learning? A lifelong practice
or something that one day emerged? Understanding the trigger seems the
most valuable learning since I also agree with M. Mcmaster's statement that
we "get too complicated trying to figure out how to do it rather than just
figuring out how to let it happen". We need to figure out how to let it
just happen.

Another point of agreement with Jackie I would like to explore, is that
of understanding people as systems in and of themselves. An ever evolving
system is capable of infinite change (ie. learning) as the resiliency of
people seems to demonstrate day to day. Exploration of the human system
might, in fact, help to uncover the trigger to emergent learning.

Thanks for the forum, this digest is a delight to read and ponder and
discuss with others. I have already used others' ideas from this dialoque
of learning to help express my thoughts in meetings & presentations as
well as in my real life. I started my learning quest & practice about
6 years ago, also triggered by life's stresses, but have realized that
once active the art and practice of learning never seems to dissipate.

See you around,

Bob Scribner