Re: List-Improvement Suggestions LO1981

Barry Mallis (
7 Jul 1995 07:35:45 -0400

Reply to: RE>>List-Improvement Suggestions LO1954

About periodic "mock, down with L-O week". I have another idea.

Many of you probably know about the Journal of Irreproducible Results, a
mag begun by a few doctors many years ago which now must turn away scores
of wonderful manuscript submissions for each annual issue.

Why don't we try something akin to that? Maybe that's what Ivan was
getting at. A several day period when those who care to submit slices of
the arcane; grandiose plans; never-before dreamed of links between
ostensibly dissimilar subjects or thoughts; minutiae of astounding
irrelevance; etc. etc.

I recognize, Rick, that given our more somber (sorry!) exchanges, this may
be hard to pull off, and I don't want to stir us up in an untoward
direction. Better yet, this could easily become a weedy, parallel growth
rather than take space planted amidst our current garden.

"Tortas y pan pintado" (As easy as pie!)