Enhancement? LO1980

Thu, 06 Jul 95 22:34:32

Doug Seeley's recent query regarding Richard Rorty reminded me that one of
the things I think might be useful at the Web site is a bibliography of
resource citations (books, articles, videos, simulations, etc.) which are
continually coming up in the conversation here. What I imagine is that
every time there is such a citation it gets added to the
(self-organizing?) bibliography of resources with a link to the message in
which it was cited. Is this doable? Is it worth doing? So many of you
are scholars that I simply can't keep up with the citations, but I know I
would be able to make use of such a list, and would be grateful for it...
Host's Note: I would gladly keep such a bibliography on this site and
make it available via ftp, Gopher, and Web, if Jack or anyone else would
be willing to volunteer to maintain it. Links to the actual messages
might be a little harder, but I think it's doable. Any volunteers? Email
me directly?

-- Rick Karash, rkarash@world.std.com, host for learning-org

Jack Hirschfeld                   Don't you know, you fool, you never can win?