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Bruce Hanna (bhanna@piweb.com)
Thu, 6 Jul 1995 17:09:26 -0700

Creating a Positive Future, a day at a time

Changes, at home, on the job, on the street
set a fast pace of opportunity and challenge.
Speak from the heart, listen with the heart
to freely create your image of the future.

Old models are useless out of context,
or based on assumptions that have changed.
To create sense from rules and technology
enable stakeholders to see emerging truth.

State your goals clearly for all affected,
and pursue them with full commitment.
Build trust, by learning from shared experience,
with mutual respect and openness to reality.

Perceive the whole system, because the parts
can't function or be understood in isolation.
Stay open, be in love with some piece of life
each day, to live at your fullest.

Bruce Hanna, Paradigm Innovation, July 6,1995

"Context - a Visualization"

Visualize life as a SEA .

Facts, techniques, methods, concepts and related technology comprise
the HULL of a sailing vessel. They let us float, but do not
lead anywhere,
i.e. to fulfillment, success or meaning.

Specific life situations we experience provide WIND for our boat.
Although wind changes in force and direction and is unpredictable,
it is the source of energy for the value we may find in life.
The wind provides opportunity and challenge.

SAILS harness the power of the wind. We must understand the context,
and know how to apply our knowledge and skill to fill the SAILS.

The TILLER or WHEEL of the boat aims the boat in specific directions.
Commitment and intention to achieve specific goals provide this.

The RUDDER, (which we can't see because it's under the boat), actually
guides our direction. As sailors know, the rudder may not head
the same way the tiller is pointed.

Relationships connect us to the RUDDER. Nearly all we do realizes
its value in relationship - influencing others in work and in life.
We need to stay in feedback with all our stakeholders to
learn if the expected value is being felt.

All the above acts in concert. The parts of the SAILING system
do nothing by themselves, they can only function together.

by Bruce Hanna, Paradigm Innovation, July 6, 1995

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