Re: Poem and a visualization LO2013

Barry Mallis (
10 Jul 1995 07:55:28 -0400

Reply to: RE>Poem and a visualization LO1972

To Bruce Hanna, for his poem and image connection

Thank you, Bruce, for the poem and especially for the meaningful analog,
still one of the most powerful communciations tools we have at our
disposal. Your words are tied to the ideas in this list expressed over a
month ago about myth and story-telling as a tool for learning.

Here's another poem informed by yours, and continuing thoughts "asea":

You're sitting here with us, but you're also out walking
in a field at dawn. You are yourself
the animal we hunt when you come with us on the hunt.
You're in your own body like a plant is in the ground,
yet you're wind. You're the diver's clothes
lying empty on the beach. You're the fish.

In the ocean are many bright strands
and many dark strands like veins that are seen
when a wing is lifted up.
Your hidden self is blood in those, those veins
that are lute strings that make ocean music,
not the sad edge of surf, but the sound of no shore.


Best regards,
Barry Mallis