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Charles A. Barclay (
Fri, 12 May 1995 16:20:49 -1000

Replying to LO1174 --

Is there any significance that it takes years of practice to achieve
the skill of not thinking or not focusing on any thought even for a
minute. All the whimsical musings on Not Doing are pretty far
fetched coming from folks who have failed to actively Not Think.
While a few of you are undoubtedly practiced in certain aspects of
asian religious practices, most are not.

Please keep in mind that it is impossible for persons who
have not trained diligently for a couple of years to even get
to the point where they can Not-Think for a few minutes
of meditation.

Just imagine how many years of practice it takes to
get to where you cannot think for hours or when faced with
distractions. The Japanese bushi resolutely accepted death so that
they could shortcut this process during combat. That's a far cry
from where discussants on this list mentally reside.

If Thinking is more ethereal than Doing, how much longer must one
practice to be able to exact not Doing from one's mind?

That's almost a koan.

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