Incentives Redux LO1180
Fri, 12 May 95 23:13:34

Re Chas Fleetham LO 1118, David Birren LO 1135 and other postings in the
Incentives thread...

I'm curious as to whether anyone else read the tale of incentives that
only went so far before they lost their efficacy as a "Shifting the
Burden" archetype. Aren't all the elements here? Ivan Blanco points -
without concluding - to a future situation in which discussions of
relative competency and the assumption that differing performances are
entitled to differing compensation could become irrelevant. This is the
post-industrial anarchist utopia described by Bookchin and others, viewed
through an organizational theory lens.

Personally, I have my doubts about the arrival of such a utopia, but I
find it desirable nonetheless. And for me, it is implied in some of the
ideas espoused here. If "incentives" is a symptomatic solution leading to
a side effect of no more worlds to conquer, what is the fundamental

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