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On Thu, 11 May 1995, Joe Kilbride wrote:

"The answer lies in redesigning our organizations and people's work in ways
that make the work itself intrinsically motivating. Give people "whole,
satisfying jobs" as Marvin Weisbord says. Make learning, and the intrinsic
motivation that comes with it, a key design feature of each and every job.
Until we do so, MBO/goals/rewards/incentives will remain a staple of

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The problem with most incentive systems is that they assume that all
people are motivated by the same thing. This is simply not true. For
example, some people are motivated by rewards after performance, others
are motivvated by getting the reward first. Many other differences among
people apply to the problem.

For an incentive "system" to work, the sytem must somehow learn what
motivates each individual, and tailor itself to each of their needs. All
other schemes will motivate only a portion of the people.

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