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Replying to Eleanor Wynn LO1148:

>--"Back off from soul"--what does this mean?! Can one be "authentic" without
>being "soulful?--

>Authenticity is more of a common coin that people can easily discuss. How
>many real organizations have people been consulting in and how far down the
>road of talking about soul has anyone managed to get? ... Although myself a
>student of dharma I really don't feel like forcing this topic on my clients.
>That is not "skillful means."

As I said in an earlier post, we may not want to use the terms "soul" or
"spirituality" in our organizational contexts, but as leaders and teachers
and exemplars in the learning-org movement, we need to discuss these
things among ourselves and develop our own understanding of what they
mean. Let's dialogue with each other and not argue about what language we
should be using in our jobs - we're all smart enough to know what kind of
language is appropriate to our workplaces.

>Some people are atheists and don't want to talk about soul. Why make them
>uncomfortable? In short I feel it is not very soulful to be pushy about

Right - we shouldn't be pushy. But why not just speak our hearts, in the
true meaning of dialogue, and let the soulless atheists sit back and
scratch their heads? BTW, I'm an atheist (well, actually agnostic - no
big deal) but I'm VERY VERY interested in soul and spirituality.

>I have to say this list is demanding.

Agreed, Eleanor, agreed.

Cheers to all...


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