Re: Soul LO1155

Barry Mallis (
11 May 1995 15:21:53 -0400

to Eleanor Wynn about Soul LO1148

You say that this list is demanding. Indeed it is. There are
contributors who inveigh (tho' that's perhaps too strong) with heartfelt
streams of thoughts, and those who weigh each syllable, dripping with
meaning and complexity. All in all, a great listening for the heart and
mind. Soul is so different for each person, but even those who disclaim
it are still a part of the thinking, a part of the existence, are
doing/not doing, and stury-telling and case-studying. These, too are

Happy, not from anything that happens.
Warm, not from fire or hot bath.
Light, I register zero on a scale.

All human, all on the Net, all pondering. All souls?

Barry Mallis